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  1. Just to round this off.....


    I have found Pixillion by NCH software - there are Windows and Mac versions. I chose the Windows one (on a trial) and it does the job well. I decided to purchase the full program. The maximum batch size in the trial version is a mere five. A batch of some 20,000 is being covered as I write.....


    The plan is to move the folder from Windows to Mac and make use of it there.


    Thanks again, and I hope that if someone stumbles across this thread, the info is useful.





  2. Greetings - Oh, and Happy New Year......


    I have a large collection of WMF's (which I got from Serif when I used their products. )Thy are not readable with Affinity.


    They are too good to waste and now that I'm Mac orientated, I would like to convert these somehow into a format that Affinity recognises...


    Does anyone have a suggestion for a conversion program - not too expensive - that can do the task?


    I am not interested in the online conversion route.


    Is EPS the best option to convert to?





  3. Some of the newer ones seem to have gone walkabout. For instance, Tutorial: Channels: Creating/Storing Selections - that seems to have gone. I think there are three others. All of which appear to be the latest additions... I have cleared my browsing cache in case I'm being led to an earlier 'edition' of the site. The latest one shown is 'Non-Destructive in painting and cloning.



  4. Hi Guys and thanks for the replies…






     I think that you may have got the wrong end of the stick, because I'm afraid it doesn't do the trick. Thanks though for the compliment regarding the photo itself.



    MEB: The 'Add'' option doesn't work either. I can certainly add to the existing selection, but not within it.


    You are both welcome to have a go with image that I uploaded. If you get the required result, I;d be interested to know about it.



  5. Well, I I have finally found a way to do this although it's a bit clumsy…..


    I selected the gap first refined it and exported the image as a png.


    Then i opened the png and selected the pair of us and once again refined the thing and I then was able to paste a new background. It works, but is there a simpler way?



  6. Difficult to describe the problem in the limited space in the title...


    My problem is that I have an image of my wife and I standing close together and whilst I have no problem selecting our outline, I cannot seem to find a way to also select a gap between us for the purpose of eliminating the background. I am probably missing something really simple, but can anyone advise me how to go about this, please?


    Thanks. I have attached the image in question.