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  1. I understand that the development team is busy and cannot respond to every feature request. But I think, I am here showing enough enthusiasm and hinting on a single vision of how these features would be used. I don't know of many areas or workflows, where the Affinity trio can beat Adobe suite. I would hope that somebody would be at least interested in hearing me out. I am prepared to prepare even more elaborate feature request than these two. But I don't want to waste several days of work and be ignored. What I want to be able to do is to automate as much as possible the process of rendering architectural floorplan. Something that is done manually in this video:
  2. Hi Walt, Thank You for clearing that up. How about that other part? This ability of pdf import together with barrel shadows and macros would enable totally new workflow for architecture drawings. I am sure that many architects would be interested in these features. Seems like these features don't require too much of new programing but just little bit of tweaking of the current capabilities. I am willing to participate in the development of these features. Is it possible to get this to the attention of the team? regards, D.
  3. Hi everyone my name is Theodor, I am a formal user of Adobe, Macromedia, Corel, Krita and the gnu stuff like gimp and Inkscape. I am very excited to start with this promising software. Do you know of any architect using the Serif suite? regards, Theodor
  4. @Aammppaa Hi, yeah I know they can not promise anything. But I know about a workflow that is no possible with Adobe suite. I would love serif to implement two features. One of them is long shadows or block shadows as they are called in Corel draw. The other one is to import layered pdf as into the affinity photo with the same layers as I specified in this topic:
  5. @Kutsche66 Hi, have you tried switching to photo persona?
  6. Hi all, I would like to be able to make long shadows. Examples attached. I am suggesting an option in the dialogue box of the outer shadow. I'm not a programer. But my understanding of the current programming of the outer shadow simplified to the letter is. Please, dear affinity copy pixels of the selected layer. Move copied pixels underneath the current layer and move int 58pixels under the 315degree angle. what programming of my proposed 3d shadow something would look like: Please, dear affinity copy pixels of the selected layer. Move copied pixels underneath the current layer and move int 58pixels under the 315degree angle. And then make a number of copies (distance - 1) and distribute them under the same angle but in the varying distance of ( original value = 58 pixels minus n) ( n is a number from 1 to original offset value. this would make this workflow: automatic. please, can any developer comment on this? I would really appreciate it. regards, D.
  7. hi @firstdefence, Thank you, for your answer. It may seem obvious, to post it in the request forum. I will do that. I have posted another request with no feedback to it, that is the reason why I wanted to discuss it here. thanks, D.
  8. Thank You Aammppaa, As I understand it there is no easier way to do it. Is it possible to bring attention from developers to this suggestion? Regards, D.
  9. Thanks for trying that out. I achieved similar results.
  10. thank you for posting this. How did you achieve this effect did you draw the shadow?
  11. anyway, the point of this to request this ability. To my understanding affinity designer and photo and their shared core is trying to import editable pdf from photoshop or illustrator. But if I would be able to tick or select and potion to import the pdf layers the way as shown on the diagram above in the original post It would allow me to drastically improve upon my workflow. I am even willing to support or pay a developer who would do this.
  12. Hi All, I have a question / request is it possible to create long shadow of a thing in a different way than shown in the youtube link youtube workflow example or affinity file I have attached. I would love to be able to this effect parametrically so it can be copied and changed. I am suggesting a tick box or something in the layer effect dialog box under the outer shadow effect. If I would be able to this and even be able to record actions with it. This ability would enable me totally new and groundbreaking workflow. regards, D. is this possible with affinity questionmark.afdesign
  13. Hi all, Is it possible to import layered PDF made in AutoCAD to the affinity photo in a way that it would keep the same layers? If that would be possible it would unlock workflow that would be unbelievably helpful to me. thank you, D3R original file.pdf
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