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  1. canallos

    Detached text frame

    No, I just double click and after type cursor appear, then software crashes. I am not trying to make selection, I just wanted to remove frame brake. Crash file attached. 33e4bc21-942f-4d71-a8fc-d8ce2d6e0e45.dmp
  2. Each time when I'm trying to resize detached text frames, program just shutting off. In frames, there is copy with frame brakes. See video for this issue, I'm also attaching this file. 1.00«-+»x Affinity Designer - Detached Frames.mp4 Śpiewnik-2019.afpub
  3. When I'm expanding the list of font sizes I have a lot sizes to choose from. In my opinion, decreasing them would be much more user friendly. InDesign have much shorter list. also, it would be great, if you arrange them in order similar to one from this page: https://type-scale.com/ or even better, allow the user to choose his own scale.