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  1. RAW only. I love the fact you can stitch RAW files in Affinity. I really am enjoying this software.
  2. Oh no, definitely personal enjoyment. I had been trying to get inside of this football stadium for a few years, but it was always locked and I was unable to get in. This time, I was able to get in, and just take the photos at my leisure. I have taken much longer on some pano's in the past, but to be perfectly honest, it was because I had to do much more corrections in the past due to poor stitching. I was absolutely thrilled with how Affinity stitched this pano. It was even much more accurate than my dedicated Pano software, Panorama Maker Pro 5.0. I can see the day, when I delete Panorama Maker Pro also.
  3. This pano took about 2 hours total to be honest. I had to do some sky work on the left hand side of the pano, as it was partially blown out. I also did a little bit of corrections on the areas that did not stitch perfectly, and then did some text, border, and graphics work.
  4. Thanks for the welcome Garry. Greatly appreciated. The "tall white post" is a flag post, and I will take a look at that. I had to do some sky replacement on that end of the pano, so it is possible I need to touch it up some. Thanks for noticing it. The IG is part of the Logo of the Big Ten conference, and it is designed that way. You may know the answer to this question that I have been searching for. When adding text, or graphics to an image, I love to create an affect of that logo, and then I use to take the "FILL" adjustment in Photoshop all the way down to ZERO, exposing just the "affect", (like shadow) of that graphic. In Photoshop, you have Opacity adjustments, and then FILL adjustment for text affects. Does Affinity have such an adjust like "FILL"?
  5. That is correct. I also decided to blend it into the background.
  6. I am new to the forums, but wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Affinity developers. I use to be a Photoshop user, but have now deleted Photoshop from my computer(s) and have decided to go solely with Affinity Photo. I have not been disappointed. I am especially thrilled with the Panorama function of Affinity, so much so that it has replaced Panorama Maker Pro 5.0 for me. It is a cleaner process and actually does a much better job of stitching very detailed images. The attached image was 6 photos, and it stitched this image 99% accurately. I did very little corrections, which is highly unusual for these type of panorama images. And I do a ton of them. So, just wanted to join the forum and share my experiences with Affinity software and the panorama feature. Thanks again. NOTE: This entire image was done using Affinity Photo, including the background and text. Logo's are used in accordance with fair use.
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