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  1. Thanks for all the effort. I just pasted everything from the last crash. I’m also attaching a tiny video showing all the crash logs from Affinity Photo. Some other parts of the app in there as well. C251A9C8-2FE0-4A41-B3B9-AF71C6AB4D13.MP4 Do you need anything else?
  2. Just figured it might be better to upload the files instead Photo iPad-2019-06-10-213737.ips Photo iPad-2019-06-08-141655.ips
  3. Thank you! it also crashes occasionally when applying a color filling within the photo persona and it uses up about 70-80% battery within 2h.
  4. I’m attaching the screen recording. The iPad is set to German, but I think it will still be clear from the video what is happening. Happens on any photo I tried. Also does not work with RAWs from another camera (tried RAWs from a Canon as well). unfortunately I can’t attach the RAWs since I’m only able to use my iPad at the moment. Thanks! DFEA61C3-17EE-40A5-8427-0608C2061301.MP4
  5. Hi Chris, this happens with every single RAW File I’m opening in the develop persona. I’ll try to record it and post it later. Just some further info: using Fuji uncompressed RAWs from an X-T20, on an iPad Pro 11” running the newest iOS
  6. It also still crashes for me in the develop persona if I apply an elliptical overlay. Happened on the last version and also now.

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