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  1. That doesn’t surprise me that Nvidia cards aren’t part of “family 2” as Apple stopped dealing with Nvidia around 2012/2013. The AMD cards belonging to “family 2” are much more recent. There are older AMD cards which support metal that aren’t on that list either, such as the SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7950 Mac Edition. There’s another support post on this topic which is more informing, as Andy from Affinity explained that they weren’t currently able to get Nvidia cards to work reliably, as the hardware and drivers are flakey...
  2. Yeah - that’s why I raised this thread as my Nvidia GTX 680 supports Metal, including Metal 2, but Photo Affinity only enables Metal support for display rendering currently. Affinity have responded on another similar thread and have said that they might enable metal computing on Nvidia Metal cards in the future. I hope they do, as I don’t want to switch to an AMD card.
  3. I’m aware that Apple no longer ship with Nvidia cards, but my Nvidia card officially supports Metal according to Apple, see support article - HT208898. Both the GTX680 and K5000 support Metal officially. There are other Nvidia cards that unofficially support Metal too (ie Kepler based or newer) but never had an official Mac version of the card and don’t have native Apple drivers.
  4. Yay - my NIK collection plug-ins are now working again in 1.7.1. Thanks for fixing this.
  5. I'm getting issues with the Nik Collection plugins as well. I have the version from Google and loading the plugins either prompts me to start a 15 day trial which I don't get when I use the same plug-ins from Photoshop or gives me a message about 'updating fonts' which means that I have to force quit Affinity Photo as I then can't select any function in the application. The version of Viveza 2 that I am using is x64 (v1.2.11).
  6. Hi Andy. I appreciate you sharing these details as I was concerned that it was either an arbitrary decision or a snub on Nvidia. I know these cards are now relatively old and whilst Apple still supports them, they’re not proactively doing so. Nvidia have their own Cuda compute technology but I suspect that’s different to the Metal compute API and it requires Nvidia own drivers instead of Apple’s drivers for these cards. Thanks Jamie
  7. You might be able to use it with an external GPU as your MacBook Pro has thunderbolt connections. Unfortunately my MacPro is older and doesn’t have thunderbolt.
  8. I’ve just had a response from Affinity on the Nvidia issue that I’ve posted and they’ve replied to say that they do not support Nvidia cards at the moment (in regards to Metal acceleration). I’ve asked and they can’t confirm whether there are any plans to do so, which is a real shame. I don’t understand this distinction as the Metal API is a standard and Apple don’t make this distinction.
  9. Hi GabrielM. Can you confirm whether there are any plans to support Nvidia cards? Technically there shouldn’t be any differences as the Metal API is a standard regardless of manufacturer. I think that the only effort of doing so would be in testing. It seems like a very arbitrary decision to support AMD but not Nvidia - it’s not a distinction that Apple makes.
  10. Hi. I posted the same issue earlier with my NVIDIA GTX 680 which is part of the same series of graphic cards. Yours the the mobile version whilst mines in a Mac Pro but suspect it’s the same issue. The Affinity developers are going to look at the issue that I’ve reported. Mine shows as v3 as I’m running High Sierra. Guessing you are running Mojave as your screenshot shows as v4? Hope they fix this soon.
  11. Thank you - that's appreciated. Would be good to have this hardware acceleration as it sounds as if it makes a big difference.
  12. @GabrielM. The first screenshot is taken from the System Report on my Mac (go to the Apple logo > About this Mac > System Report...). The entry for Metal states 'supported' and then gives further details, which means that my Graphics Card supports Metal and that my Operating System recognises this. That's to be expected as Apple have stated that the NVIDIA GTX 680 supports Metal (their support document is HT208898). I'm running High Sierra (10.13.6). So the question is really why Affinity Photo isn't recognising this as a Metal supported card? Affinity 1.7 is supposed to have b
  13. I've just downloaded Photos 1.7 and I've checked the performance settings and Hardware Acceleration isn't available for my GPU, but I think that it should be. I'm running an old cheese grater style Mac Pro, but with High Sierra and an NVIDIA GTX 680, which is an Apple Metal supported card. My graphics card isn't listed under Hardware Acceleration and instead it states 'no compatible GPU'. I've checked my Graphics information on the System Report and it states 'Metal - Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily1 v3', so I would expect it to be compatible. Does Photo 1.7 have additional hardware
  14. I think that I'll have to check this with support as I don't get the option to select Hardware Acceleration and my GPU is not listed. However it does state in brackets 'No compatible GPU' and I don't understand why as my card supports Metal. Thanks for checking as it's given me something to compare against. It sounds like the hardware acceleration is worth having.
  15. Hi - I've just downloaded Affinity Photo 1.7 on my Mac, but the option to enable Metal computer acceleration is greyed out on the performance preferences window. I'm using an old cheese grater style MacPro, but it's running High Sierra which supports metal and has a NVIDIA GTX 680 which is an Apple 'supported' for Metal. Any ideas why this is greyed out - I think enabling GPU hardware acceleration would improve performance? For reference - my System Report states the following for Metal - 'Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily1 v3'. Thanks
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