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    pinkfluffyunicorn reacted to Lorox in (Just) Setting vs. ”Assigning" the document's colour profile (esp. in Publisher)   
    More often than not I find myself cursing when I check the PDFs for print which I‘ve exported from Affinity Publisher: elements I thought were "Black“ (meaning just 0C/0M/0Y/100K) turn out to be some "RGB-Black“ with variable amounts of CMYK respectively, even though I chose some "real" CMYK colour profile like ISOcoated_v2 when I first set up the document.
    Usually I can correct this when I go back the document setup and „Assign“ (seemingly for the second time) my profile (usually ISOcoated_v2 or ISOcoated_v2_300%) that's already listed there as the document's. When I then check my blacks they appear to have changed to 0C/0M/0Y/100K as I thought them to be in the first place...
    Does this really mean that it isn't sufficient just to choose the said CMYK colour profile from the list when setting up the document? Do I then actually and expressively have to once more ”Assign" it by pushing that button to make it "really active"?
    One would think that just choosing the profile from the pop-up-list on document setup should be enough...
    That said, I'm really glad that I have an older version of Acrobat Pro installed on another computer so that I can reliably check the PDF exported by Publisher (and e.g. notice strange Blacks) before sending them off to the printer's. As for now I'm quite unhappy, though, that I seemingly cannot trust Publisher to immediately create correct PDFs from a document that appeared to be correctly set up (whereas InDesign actually DOES this once you've generally set your colour profiles for the whole suite of apps).
    Though I generally do love working with the Affinity apps I'm not happy at all about the way the apps deal with colours – be it in respect to colour profiles (as noted above) or in the way swatches can be managed in the corresponding panels. I almost hate to say it, but I think Adobe still does a better job at this...
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    pinkfluffyunicorn got a reaction from AmDivVal in Wrangling in the UI   
    Hello, i have some suggestion too
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    pinkfluffyunicorn reacted to AmDivVal in Wrangling in the UI   
    Over the years, I've been working in Affinity products into my workflow little by little. One of the greatest causes of frustration and friction for me is the UI! It's cumbersome!
    The panels take up a ton of space and crowd the interface. Everything looks cluttered. Arranging the interface is a mess. Things don't snap like they should, and be careful when moving panels that you don't accidentally touch other panels, things will get all out of wack!

    I do have some suggestions:

    Today while messing around with different ways to have everything accessible, but not take up the whole screen I found some useful features. Make shortcut keys for View>Studio>Show Left Studio and Show Right Studio. I use Q and W as those shortcut keys. That alone works great! But, it's not enough! The next thing I did [I think] takes advantage of a bug. I hope by pointing this out I don't loose this bug, but I hope the developers push this as a feature and a work flow. Hide the Left and Right Studios. Now, build a new pseudo Left and Right Studio (this one with more commonly used panels). It's a little glitchy to get things in place, but it works. Now, the beautiful part: With the use of the Tab, Q, and W keys, the interface can be quickly manipulated! It's pretty awesome!

    I'm not really sure how to turn that into an intentional feature. I thought about the idea of "Studio Panel Groups" that can be created and called on with a shortcut key or icons on the top panel.
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    pinkfluffyunicorn got a reaction from Wosven in Some suggestions - Publisher   
    Some suggestions for faster work in Publisher, maybe it would be worth considering.
    thank you

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    pinkfluffyunicorn reacted to MEB in Blurry Icons - Context Toolbar 1.8 UPDATE.   
    Hi pinkfluffyunicorn,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    As Sean P already stated above this issue is already being looked at. Apologies for the trouble caused. We hope to have a fix for it soon.
    Thanks for your feedback.
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    pinkfluffyunicorn reacted to gary danang in UI Interface Legibility   
    Finally using AD for some commercial work and now using the interface intensely and have numerous frustrations
    the subtle colour differences between tools selected or not is really stupid.. for an industry that primary objective is legibility the UI sucks

    one small sample of a widespread ui problem...
    the edit all layers button ,,, is it on of off? 
    I have played with all the UI Preference setting , this was the best I could get
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    pinkfluffyunicorn reacted to andyandy3 in PLEASE give us option to change back to original (triangle) icon!   
    I literally took this app off my dock because this new icon design is so horrible. It's something Adobe would have made. Please give us the option again to use your original triangle app icon!  Some iOS apps allow you to choose icons, so I it must be possible for macOS.

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    pinkfluffyunicorn reacted to yinYangMountain in Is it possible to package a project in Publisher?   
    Chris_K wrote:
    Future? Not bad? That’s outrageous and absolutely unacceptable! Here’s why:
    I’ve been working with QuarkXPress since the 90s and InDesign since the 2000s. I was completely surprised when I noticed a Package / Collect for Output feature was missing. So I made a call to a project manager working with various commercial publishers and with contracts at CocaCola, HP, Cannon, Honda, Hallmark, etc.
    The basic response was:, “What! There is no way that output process will work or be taken seriously by anyone in ‘The Industry.’”
    So Chris, I’d respectfully suggest that instead of moving this to a feature request and thinking about it as something for a future update, Serif get on this immediately and have it working prior to the first release.
    And while I understand there is little chance Serif will take my advice, I’ll predict this is one of the biggest blunders ever. Whoever vetoed the Package / Collect for Output feature has little understanding of the final output process of professionals and commercial print houses.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    - macOS: 10.13.6
    - MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
    - Processor 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7
    - Memory 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
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