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  1. I have to agree to this 100%, I think there are already many people who complain about the situation around 0,0,0,100. I love Affinity programs, but this and Assign and Convert only makes trouble.
  2. Hello, I have the same problem, but i have licenced for Win and i buy Mac for wife. But I have a Mac license, but I don't know if I can use both at the same time.
  3. Some suggestions for faster work in Publisher, maybe it would be worth considering. thank you
  4. Beta? wonderful... next time I'll pay you half as well, because my bank account is beta... ok? What the problem is to do a little update with just a fix blurry GUI? is shame for Affinity... really. i bought 4 apps from you shop, and... and you will recommend me Beta version
  5. You still don't have the update this blurry GUI? No? it is sad. thank you for nothing
  6. it's embarrassing if Affinity Serif don't fix the blurry menu with a quick update right away, we "pay" for the mistakes and lazy of programmers. I can't work with it, it hurts my eyes. My english is the same as your department customer retention I have on mac Photos, Designer and Publisher and Windows Photos...
  7. Blurry is not only icon (screenshot), and it issue is same in Designer, Photo and Publisher In my opinion all version 1.8x is worst version ever in Affinity. sorry for my english
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