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  1. I have been using Affinity with a Kingston MLG3 and a SSD. When sharing/saving a PSD file Affinity shares to the "offline" part of the MLG3 then I have to download the file to the directory on the SSD. Affinity does not show a choice of directories to save to on the SSD. I also us Lumatouch for video and when saving the videos it allows you to select a directory to save your file to on the SSD. Is it possible to add this to Affinity? Thanks Steve
  2. To avoid buying cloud space and relying on internet or having another computer handy try using a wireless hub. I use the Kingston MLG3 it will read most files and allows a USB device and has a slot for an SD card. It is limited to 2TB hardrives and new drives have to be formatted to MBR partion I import from the Kingston app directly into Affinity and save and export to the Kingston app then the SSD in the USB slot. $25-30 for the device.
  3. I have the version 1 pencil. If you do any type of detailed retouching to your pics think of the pencil as a Wacom pad and without it it is like using the mouse. It can be done but it is difficult. Also the pencil allows you to reach across the screen and tap icons/tools with more precision than your finger.
  4. Installed the update on a 2017 Ipad Pro. It improved the response of the healing/clone brush and liquify. But the refresh time to show the brush action gradually slows down to about 30 seconds. Also, I tried to export a file, a three layer PSD about 850mb, Affinity was not able to generate the PSD to export and share. So sad cause it works great when it works right
  5. I just installed the latest update. It fixed my lagging problems now there are instant results from touching the screen with the pencil to seeing the change, working on psd files. Previously the app would freeze up for several seconds then apply the change. Works great. Thanks
  6. Hello: First I would like to say thanks for a great product, except for the one glitch below the AP works great. Can a Sony A6400 raw file be opened in the 1.7 release? Have I missed it? I have the latest operating system installed on my Ipad pro, AP opens all other raw files that I use with no problem. Steve
  7. I have been using AP for 3 days on my Ipad and thanks to this app and a wireless hub my ipad is now more than an armchair tv. AP/ipad can upload and download from an SD card a hardrive, any kind of card reader that fits a usb slot and they open directly into AP. I have a wireless hub with an sd card slot and a usb 3 slot. The usb slot is powered and can read my hard drives I have no need for apple cloud and it bypasses the useless photo app and file system. The app does slow down when processing multilayer psds. Thanks Affinity Photo.
  8. Just an FYI I was able to update from the apple store about 20 minutes ago, I am in Southern California. I also want to say that this is a very nice app, thanks for all the work involved.
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