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  1. You need to release your fingers first and keep the pencil down.
  2. DesignConor

    Keyboard Modifiers

    Perhaps when you create them on desktop they’ll now share to your iPad.
  3. It’s very unintuitive now. I love the lasso, but also liked being able to place one finger on the screen and tap certain nodes.
  4. I’d settle for CMD + J then! I just want a keyboard duplicate.
  5. And CMD + D to duplicate instead of copy and pasting everything!
  6. DesignConor

    Keyboard Modifiers

    Thanks for this, but I still can’t find any reference to ‘Shortcut Modifiers’ as mentioned in the 1.7 patch notes.
  7. DesignConor

    Keyboard Modifiers

    Hi, can anyone direct me to more information on the new modifier keyboard tools? What are they? How does it work?
  8. No there’s a new method for node selection. You tap first with the pencil, then hold down two fingers, then draw with a lasso, then let go of your fingers, then let go of the pencil. Very frustrating and unintuitive.
  9. DesignConor

    finger modifiers when using nodes

    I find this incredibly unintuitive. You should still be able to tap individual nodes.
  10. DesignConor

    How to sign up for beta testing?

    Sign me up please! I use this almost daily and I enjoy providing constructive feedback and asking questions.