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  1. So happy HEIF is now supported. A ton of features here I'd been hoping for and several I'd not realized I'd wanted but am thrilled to see. Are there plans for any tutorials to walk users through some of the new features or more interesting changes such as the reworked HSL palette? It seems considerably more powerful, but also a bit tricky in how to get the most out of it.
  2. Something's up with my copy of Affinity Photo (desktop, Mac). The other day my studio palettes started randomly resizing themselves. Today, I can no longer export to JPG and Affinity is lagging enormously, and giving me strange massive spikes in RAM usage that I've not seen before (no other programs on my Mac seem similarly affected). On export, it simply hangs on the progress bar without progressing. When I eventually cancel the process, I'm met with a Tried different files, different root folders, different destination folders, restarting the software, restarting the computer. I'm reduced to taking screenshots just so I can get proofs to clients. Anyone else experience this?
  3. Dang those single-pixel-wide drag bars in Affinity! I tried to drag to resize and honestly missed that I could resize them. Something they hopefully tweak in the next release as on Retina displays, it's way too narrow a target. Anyway, I see that now and while I still can't explain the random resizing, at least I can get it back to where it should be. Thanks!
  4. In the past couple days, the Studio palettes on the righthand side (Affinity Photo for Desktop on MacOS Mojave) have been randomly resizing: sometimes much wider and sometimes much narrower than the default. As there seems to be no means of manually resizing their width, I'm assuming this is a bug of some sort. Has anyone else encountered this? - Brad, Icecastles Photography
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