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  1. Given that inline and pinned images/objects have been added as features, I must apologize for my oversight. I have ordered Affinity Publisher and look forward to it living up to its promise. Thank you!
  2. Any serious DTP application MUST include automatically-flowable anchored/linked images. DTP by its very nature often involves many images, and as an author of heavily documented books, as well as books having large numbers of images, over a period of more than thirty years, any version of Affinity Publisher without automatically-flowable anchored/linked images is a complete non-starter for me. I will not, in that case, even waste my time trying to play with the product. Reflowable tables, on the other hand, is more niche, and those could potentially and more reasonably wait for a later release, though in the end, these too are a must. I am disappointed that AP's developers / architects have been so foolish as to think that AP could succeed without this vital feature from the very start, which will make their product nothing more than a glorified Word Processor for text-heavy "documents" without any substantial number of images. Simply put, this is a terrible developmental oversight, and needs to be rectified as quickly as possible; in fact, it should be the very next feature Affinity adds to AP.