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  1. Wilton33311

    where are my brushes

    With updates it is now working
  2. Wilton33311

    where are my brushes

    R C-R. Yes I am using beta. Unfortunately I’ll continue to use beta as Affinity photo sees the brushes i just go back n forth
  3. Wilton33311

    where are my brushes

    When I import they are greyed out
  4. Wilton33311

    where are my brushes

    I don’t know what that means.. The I used to import them from my iCloud seems not to be the same???
  5. I recently updated my pad to IOS 13 beta. when using Designer all my brushes that I have imported are gone. When I try to import them again threw the brush tab. I go to my iCloud go to the folder they are in. But they are all grayed out and I can not select them. I’ve tried selecting them in the iCloud drag and drop and that won’t work either. Please help
  6. While using design in the iOS Beta 13 I have lost the side tool bar. It moves in farther and won’t go back it’s original spot
  7. Hello . I am using IOS 13 beta..I had an issue with multitasking windows .. I had Designer in the back and brought up google translate in the front and my keyboard disappeared..
  8. Wilton33311

    Texture/ FX fonts

    To whom might know.. hell o I’m looking for a broadway font texture. I’m using Design on my iPad.. I’ve been able to find some textures but not many.. and yes I’m work on a no budget plan.. sorry. Thanks for any help, Dan
  9. Wilton33311

    File crashes app

    I’m thinking I might have made it to big. It’s 1951mb
  10. Wilton33311

    File crashes app

    I created a drawn in Affinity Design for iPad. The entire project was built in the app except the 3 photos.. As I’m nearing completion the file opens for about a minute or so the the whole program just closes ... please help it’s for my buddies retirement with Air Traffic Control. IUntitled_7.afdesign
  11. Wilton33311

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.7.0

    Keeps crashing or very slow in designer
  12. When I’m using design and use .. welll anything. It’s very very very slow or keeps crashing on me. It’s its slow I can’t even use the app,at this time