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  1. I tried copy/pasting from LibreOffice, and it works, however, there are always problems in the heading paragraph styles: Direct copy/pasting & importing .rtf documents: All heading paragraph styles are omitted. Placing a .docx file saved from LibreOffice will import headings paragraph styles, but will add a bullet list before them, and an anchor in front of every heading 1.
  2. I think they'll focus on adding new features to the pre-existing apps. The only type of software that they might release is photo management like Lightroom, their CEO said that they have been experiminting with a tool like that.
  3. toutou123

    Pages in Affinity Designer?

    Once publisher will be officially released. You'll have access to the photo and designer personas as well.
  4. It depends on the level of the user, a graphic designer who studies design and produces work in exchange for money will appreciate the software, and we all know how much of a bargain to have affinity software for $50 and even down to $35 and $40 discounts. Other users might see them just as a nice game to produce cool images or make a document here and there won't value them as much as we do. While open source software fail to provide professional quality features (having used Inkscape/Gimp and tried Scribus), they still have a value of providing accessible source code for programmers to learn how such software is made and how it works, providing free easy install alternatives, and many libraries/utilities can be even used by commercial software, even Affinity software incorporate a lot of them. Just check 3rd party licenses under Help/About...
  5. What do you mean exactly by promo piece/booklet? Do you mean a 2 facing pages document or 1 piece of paper that's folded or unfolded?
  6. In my experience, Affinity publisher keeps the formatting only when text is either copy/pasted from an MS word document or when placing a doc/docx document. I just tried both Google docs and dropbox paper and it didn't work. So try saving your file to doc/docx and then use file.. place... And I'm not sure about images. Probably your best chance is to reformat text from scratch. Also note that you should use paragraph and character styles and don't rely on local formatting whether you're using Affinity publisher or any other software Like Google Docs or MS word.
  7. There was a discussion about enabling scripting at some point. They might include it after the official release.
  8. Affinity publisher is aimed for professionals who create documents for print, not hobbyists. If you can't make $40 back from your work, it might not be for you in the first place.
  9. You can also group the image and the caption, and then apply the wrap to the whole group.
  10. toutou123

    Right mouse key

    How is it used in gimp?
  11. For professional grade tools: Davinci Resolve: it's a full featured video editor and have great color grading and audio mixing, the down sides are that you'll need a powerful PC and Fusion is not suitable for motion graphics. Hitfilm Express: good video editor (davinci resolve shill better), has good motion graphics tools, but lacks a lot in terms of audio mixing. For audio, the best is Cakewalk by bundlab, it's a fully featured audio editor that supports video, you'll have all the tools you need.
  12. They need to make their text engine suitable for typing CJK and CTL languages, especially for a software that's supposed to handle large chunks of text.
  13. They'll release the new features on the beta version, so you can have access to them early.
  14. I've had this problem before when I was using a custom ICC profile for my monitor. If you switch it to sRGB in windows color settings, it should fix the problem.
  15. Affinity photo and Photoshop are 2 different software that use different text engines, you can't expect 100% compatibility. Your best choice is maybe to export to eps/svg/pdf, these formats sould keep the text editable.