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  1. Hello DWright, The auto adjustments do work for me in the Photo Persona and I did find the white balance button in the Develop persona. I was just wondering if there was one auto button for the basic settings (exposure, contrast, etc) to check as a starting point in the Develop persona. Allowing me to tweak settings or reset if I didn't like the results before heading into the Photo persona. Similar to the Auto/Default buttons in Adobe Camera Raw. Hope that makes sense. Appreciate your help. Thanks, Bob
  2. I've tried 16 bit .cr2 and .orf files. Canon 80D and Olympus TG-6
  3. Why are there no auto adjustments in the Develop Persona in AP? Also, I am running Mac OS Mojave and AP 1.7.2 and when i hit any of the 4 auto adjustment buttons in the Photo Persona there is no change in photos. Am I missing something? Thanks for any help.