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  1. So let me first say that I’m no photo editing pro. I’ve been using photoshop elements for the past 7 years to edit my photos for album art. My main thing is recording and mixing music , so I got into photoshop elements as a easy way to make album art for my projects. I switched over to Affinity photo just last week , as I bought a new iMac and didn’t have access to download my 3 year old version of elements. My question is about creating color to transparent gradients . In photoshop elements it extremely easy. I just go to the gradient tool , select color to transparent gradient, then I can drag the gradient tool over my imagine in as many places as I like without making new layers every time. For example when i make a header image for my website I like to add a black to transparent gradient on the bottom my header image so it adds a nice effect. And most times each side of the image requires a different size gradient fade to make it look right. I could easily do that in photoshop elements. It seems In affinity photo that i have to create a new pixel layer for every gradient I want to add ? So if I want to add a black to transparent gradient in the left hand corner of my header and then add a blue to transparent gradient In the top right corner of my header image , ide have to create several pixel layers to do this? Thanks in advance for your time ! - Ave.