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  1. I am using Windows 10 Pro with Affinity Photo Beta. I was in the photo persona and clicked on Quick Mask. Using the paintbrush with the color white selected I painted out the area I wanted to be selected. I then clicked on the adjustments icon and clicked on Shadow/Highlights and Affinity Photo crashed! It closed completely with no chance to save your work. I tried this several times clicking on different adjustments and always with the same results, it crashes.
  2. Watcher900

    Affinity Photo crash

    I just downloaded and it no longer crashes as it did before. I noticed that Quick Mask now has options to "snap to edges" and "refine" available I didn't notice those options before. Now when you activate Quick and brush out a selection and try to use a "Live Filter" it will crash.
  3. Watcher900

    Affinity Photo crash

    I never got to use an adjustment, only click on one and it crashed. I didn't try to use a live filter.
  4. Watcher900

    Affinity Photo crash

    Your welcome, Chris. I'll let you know if I find anything else.