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  1. Well, my topic title isn't gold software meant to be used by professionals.
  2. I mentioned this in beta, and it's stuck through a couple of more versions. The correct character is inserted, the text just says appromimately instead of approximately. (win10, etc)
  3. When I select the first set of files to be duplicated then use ctrl + j, then set where I want the copies to be using the transform dialog, the next duplication sets the duplicates on top of the originals instead of moving the copies to where I want them. I then have to select the new duplicates and set their positions using the transform tool. The items I am duplicating are still selected when I do all this, so am I doing it wrong? The use case scenario I used was very simple. It is not unrealistic for me to do business cards for an organization... so yes it would save time for doing a 8/10/12 up business card if I am doing it for an org of 50 people or more, though in that case I would design them all 1-up, set up the first page right, duplicate the full page x many times and use the links or assets tool to update the links on the following pages. I think all are misunderstanding that this is beta software and by stating my opinions I am saying how I expect things to work, not complaining that beta software isn't "full-featured" or saying that the software is bad. I was very clear in describing my experience and expectations because those statements should be of value to the developers. I want the software to succeed!
  4. Yes, I did. It is similar in methodology to the transform command in AI, but it is not a step and repeat command. Using the business card example, I have my 2x3.5 business card file placed on the artboard, I select the file, and select Transform Each (in Illustrator) and I can set the amount the file will be copied, say horizontally by 3.5 inches, and then select both instances of the file, Transform each again and copy the files vertically by 2 inches, and the use the transform again command to fill in the page. This can be made into an action, so you really only need to select the first file and run the action to do what you need to do. In indesign, you can use the step and repeat tool and create as a grid and do it in one click. The way affinity publisher and designer handle this is (in my opinion) kludgy and isn't fast. You can ctrl+alt drag the file to copy it and place it where you like, then select the 2 files and do it again, then you can use the duplicate command until you fill the page, then you have to go back and make sure the files are placed correctly using the transform tool which takes time. OR, you can select the first file, then hit ctrl +j, select the new duplicate, set it's position using the transform tool, select the 2 placed files, use ctrl +j to duplicate, then set the position using the transform tool because the duplicate command doesn't duplicate item positions if you set their positions using the transform tool, and repeat that ad nauseam until the page is full. This is not macroable as far as I can tell. I could probably setup the file with guides and use the snap function to ease the correct placing of the files, but I prefer to set the precise location of duplicated items using the transform tool. Why eyeball it when I can place it precisely where I want it? I have been using design software professionally for a long while, and honestly this is not acceptable TO ME in a professional design suite. Time is money, and having to manually position duplicate files takes time. The minimum acceptable solution is the ability to macro the common layouts I use, but a strong and robust multiple duplicate tool is what I want and need in a design program. Sorry about the essay, but I really do like the software and would like to see it have a suite of good and useful tools (while avoiding bloat), and I feel I really need to explain what I would like in the final version and what I don't like in the current beta. TLDR: Printing tiled isn't a good option, thomaso's suggestions work BUT aren't great and the current duplicate tool needs a whole lot of work to meet my needs as a user
  5. You can do that, and it isn't wrong or bad. However if you are making a document for a client, you want to provide them with a print ready file. Say they want you to make them a 10-up business card that they can take to a print shop so they can have a small run of cards done... do you think your client would appreciate being charged extra by the print shop to do the multi up for them? You can't rely on them owning the program or knowing how to do the multi-up, so an easy way to do Step and Repeat is necessary.
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