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  1. badStudent

    pdf picture altered

    Indeed, it shows that there are missing fonts when I open the linked image on Publisher. I managed to change the font of the file inside publisher itself. It would be pretty cool if an icon would appear on the figure to show that something is missing (such as fonts) to warn that it must to be manually edited. Also, for a first time using publisher and editing this, without any manual description, the process was great and I actually managed to figure it out by myself. Unexpected! Awesome job for the software designers.
  2. badStudent

    pdf picture altered

    Hi! This week I used affinity publisher to make a poster and it was great! At this moment I just have 1 thing to iron out. I wanted to add a linked figure (attached) but when I do, the normal dot of the decimal separator of a number (0.4) becomes a colon (0:4). It also seems like the font is changed, since the original figure has a 0 (zero without central slash) but the figure in affinity shows a zero with slash. I would like to know why and how can I just have the proper punctuation/fonts. Thanks! alpha_greybg.pdf