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  1. Thank you, everybody, for the help. I really appreciate.
  2. Thank you Thomaso ,that makes sense.I am learning more and more evrytime. Thank you
  3. Thank you ,for your help.I put it smaller but I still have a crosshair for the brush when at small pt. thank you .
  4. thank you Dan for your help
  5. Hi! Dan I have designer and this is the one I have trouble with.. I am not using the beta version ,I was thinking maybe it was because of it ,i have trouble!!
  6. I try to download the new beta designer 1.7.2...NOPE nothing work On designer, I cannot change mt crosshair brush to regular circle ( I TRY everything) ALSO, my brush who is a crosshair don't paint the size I put it ,(ex. I put size 40 I will have a little line only )going back to illustrator if thing continue. Need help PLEASE. Thank you
  7. I cannot open my raw photos on my pc or iPad pro ..It never did that before. I dont know where to look to fix it .Even with lightroom 5.7.1it's not opening I have a sony a6400 Thank you
  8. I will try to change the flip page and see if it work .thank you
  9. got a question, I try to print a booklet and the pages are upside down after printing.I look at all the videos and I think I did it properly but something is wrong . Exemple page 1 is ok page 2 upside down page 3 right side up page 4 down ....and so on thank you
  10. Thank you very much Paul. It works
  11. When I downloaded my pictures ,they are going to the photo album.On affinity photo I open it ,touch the + and go to import from photos ( I always did that with the old version) with this one the page say photos on top But the page is black
  12. I cannot open my photos on the new version like the old version !!! I try everything I could thing, but nothing work.

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