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  1. Hi. I am trying to select multiple lines in AD. Is there anyway to set up AD to let me select vectors without needing to include the whole shape within my rectangle ?
  2. Hi. I was working with my CV, forgot to save it ....and AP crashed. Is there any chance I can have an autosave file? If so, where?
  3. Thank you, I might give a try to publisher if it is more suited to make a CV. I will use the tryout and feel how it works. I understand your view about Affinity and their fair prices, that was the reason why I sign out from Adobe cloud. Being said that, I do not believe that a box tool will exemplify a feature that "putting everything possible into " thing...
  4. Thank you @Lagarto I will do what I can anyways cause this is just a CV and masking to write a simple text might be to far. I really appreciate your help, but I am still surprised by some aspects in the workflow. Sometimes is better to improve what others did rather than revolutionize the common sense in order to be different.
  5. The intention is to crop the text when the box is smaller and hide it more than the opposite in my case. Thank you
  6. Thank you @Lagarto I do not have Publisher, neither planning to, but I must say the workflow in AD in some of their tools ....In other words the box tool does not perform as such.
  7. Hi, I am pasting text from another text editor into AD. The text is longer than the box size, and somehow it overrides the limits being still visible. Is there any way to restrain my text to the frame text tool? Thank you
  8. I worked today again with AD. Its slow, was a different file, and as soon as there are more than 10 lines....it becomes almost impossible to use.
  9. @firstdefence Please find attached the performance Tab. Might need to change the video card to my RTX I guess?
  10. Hi, I am kind of new with AD (windows) I can notice that it is extremely slow. I am trying to create a ruler texture. Meaning many small lines to make the ruler template. Still I believe it is too slow. Find attached the file please. My version is Is there any way to download previous versions of Affinity ? I read that there are other users complaining about the speed of it. Please find the file attached. Units_4K.afdesign
  11. Hi, I am trying to fix my portfolio, I am placing images by using the align tool and snapping. Sharing the edges of my images between each other. When I open it in PS I can see a thin line between images of "no color". Is this related to AD or to my images? Thanksa lot.
  12. Thanks, It was "unchecked". I guess it could be a bug. I just checked and then unchecked...fix. But it was unchecked. Thanks for your tip!
  13. Hi . I would like to know what is the blue frame within my canvas means? Thanks a lot, please find print screen attached.
  14. Hi. I read the only way to scale using specific values is by applying for.ex. =/2 within the dimension box. It works for me, sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. Is this a bug or I am missing something ? Sometimes I need to select my lines and de-select them and then select them again. Now is not working regardless of what I do. Any insights about this? Not other method to scale by a number/percentage? Thanks
  15. I am giving a try to Rhino 6, apparently works much better in terms of wrapping the lines into PDF. Now AD do not struggle anymore. Thanks
  16. There is one layer with everything in it.
  17. Hi. New on AD. I opened a few times, but still trying to find my way (too long on AI). I exported a 2D drawing from Rhino as a PDF (since AI is not supported). I would like to assign different thicknesses to some of the lines of my drawing. The drawing lines are not joined in Rhino. When I open the PDF in AD the sketch looks to be all merged (using black arrow). Using the white arrow I just have too many nodes in every line to select them one by one, not even sure if this is the way. I would like to ask for help in this matter. Kind regards ,
  18. Hi, Is it possible to choose different end types for my lines. I am doing measurement lines and I can not find how to choose an arrow?
  19. Hi, I am a new user. Opening the software almost for first time. Is there anyway to duplicate my art board by dragging it next to it ? If possible I would like to also have the content of my artboard with this new duplicate. I am coming from AI and of course lot to learn, but so far I am really liking it. Thanks a lot
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