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  1. @postmadesign : It absolutely is. Otherwise my printing shop never tricked me – these are pretty nice guys (and we worked with them for years – they even converted my RGBish PDF for free ... so this problem is no issue concerning the publishing of our yearbook) – if they say it is RGBis, I believe them. As I have no more Adobe Stuff on my Mac i cannot "check" it on my own. Due to Europes new laws concerning personal data, I cannot provide my fukk PDF to you for a check – I know that's kind of (insert bad word here), but getting into legal trouble over this, is not my cup of tea. I took the starting page, showing nothing but our school's logo (for which I have the copyright). I absolutely thank you anyway. Jahrbuch_2018-2019 Seite 1.pdf
  2. Hi there, first of all: Thank you a lot @thomaso & @postmadesign. You're answers helped me, because I already doubted myself. @postmadesign : Your idea sounds absolutely reasonable. I already tried this (setting the document as well as the color setting to CMYK) – but my printing shop still insists, that it is RGB anyway. @thomaso : I will try that "PDF/X1a" thing, for sure. All in all it seems to me, that it SHOULD be working, but it doesn't. As it is a "beta" I'm fine with it, but really hoping, that the "store version" will be able to handle this whole RGB/CMYK-thing properly. Would be a shame if it wouldn't.
  3. Hi there everyone! First of all: I really like my user experience with Affinity Publisher so far and used it, to design our schools annual yearbook. And – as I knew before – I started it to be "CMYK" from the scratch. I worked with all the pictures provided by my pupils an colleagues – obviously everythin in RGB – the same way I used to do it in "that other software, that should not named". Unfortunately I encountered a problem with exporting the whole project, when everything was set and done. No matter what kind of settings I choose for PDF-Export the printing shop insists, that all the pictures in the PDF are still in RGB. As they are pretty nice people, I don't think they tell me, if it wasn't so. Of course I could use my AF to convert every photo manually. But I really hope, that there might be a better way to do it. Maybe some of you already user AP to publish a yearbook and is able to give me a hint. For export I tried the following settings: "PDF (print)" with and without additional setting "color space" to "CMYK". I really hope my English is good enough to describe my problem properly. Would be great to get a clue or two. Sincerely greetings from Germany's norther shore, Laryllan