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  1. How do I proceed to achieve that? Rasterize option either preserves layer effects or removes them.
  2. Helloes. First of all, wow. I just installed beta and recreated some files made in ID. Seamless copy paste (even adobe apps don't support that, woot!), plethora of export options, easy DPI settings for manymeter-long banners, looks promising (well, let's see what my printshop's RIP says, but still awesome). But I don't quite get the rasterizing. Used to ID, I get all the raster elements, uh, rasterized - like objects with transparency, effects, etc. and vector elements are stuck on top. Affinity Publisher: - when exporting pdf - nothing rasterizes nothing, effects and transparency are gone - I suppose it's just a beta feature and will change :), everything flattens whole page to one image, and unsupported features (pdf spec unsupported I assume) does more or less what I want, but transparency and effect stacking yields some surprising results. - when checking layers panel - rasterizing is there, but no option to rasterize object with effect. So, apart from doing everything bombproof by creating hi-res flat raster images for backgrounds and just adding all the vector/type content, is there a way to do what I want in Publisher? All non-vectors+effects flattened and all vectors vectors? Really curious...