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  1. A feature that is missing on Publisher is being able to move pages (importing features/articles) from one document to the other. When working on a daily, weekly or monthly journal, many times articles are dropped and replaced with others, which means you must move pages around from one document to the other. Deleted features could be used for future issues, without having to start all over again on a prepared layout. Am I the only person who wants this feature?
  2. Obviously! That's how I normally do it. Silly me!
  3. The problem here, and this will happen to anyone who works on a weekly or monthly magazine or other such publication, is that there's always at least one article or piece that is dropped and then replaced by another. And the dropped article could serve for a future issue. As far as I can see, this wasn't taken into account, as afpub is mainly set to build a single document and not to add or replace documents within a single document. This is a dealbreaker for any publisher of continuing issues.
  4. Thanks, but I'm actually using 312, which in the thread you sent said it should be downloaded in place of 330. I haven't used 330, and began with 312. Weight issue, as I said in my previous mesage, is also present there. Last part of my message, anyone know as to how to do a cover with a spine?
  5. I have problems with the size you get once you prepare a document with images. A ten-page document with images at 300dpi weighs over 180MB, yet the same document in InDesign weighs only 6MB. In both cases the images were linked, but AFPUB seems to include a copy inside the document as well (I'm not embedding). The big question, however, will AFPUB be useful for professional graphic designers to create magazines, catalogues, artbooks, etc., especially when using hi-res images inside (not lo-res web images)? If such is the case, here are a couple issues that need considering: 1. Linking images make the file too heavy. Consider the example I gave above, and then think of an 88 or more pages magazine/book, etc. 2. Not being able to import into a single document other documents prepared separately. Also, although I haven't figured it out yet, can you design a cover, a squarebound one, including the spine? Couldn't find any indication when creating a new document. Seems everythings is for what goes inside and not what covers it.
  6. That's precisely what I wanted to do. When preparing a newspaper, various sections are done separately, and then inported into one file (although larger newspapers can be printed in a sereies of main sections). But take a magazine, for example, where some sections will be the same, say film or book reviews, only the subjects change. When you build a monthly magazine, it would be great to import/add recurring different sections to build one single issue. Is Afpub capable of doing that? Sincerely, I don't need to build brochures or flyers, but use the software to prepare books, magazines or newspapers for printing. Will Publisher be able to that?
  7. How do you import documents or files created in adpub into another adpub document? For example if creating a magazine or journal, with features created seperately, and then adding (or importing) them into one single document, without having to re-do everything again.