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  1. I would like to know this too. It was a question in the Beta forum and we were told that it would be available 'in a few weeks'. Now that the full version is available, I was hoping that this would have been sorted prior to the launch. It is a deal changer for me.
  2. Hi, I had a quick browse through the forum, but couldn't see if this has been requested before. As a designer I am often asked to design logos and sometimes need to use the 3D Revolve effect in Illustrator - sample of one of my designs attached. Is there any plan to develop Affinity Designer so that this is possible? Or am I missing a way to already do it in Affinity Designer? I'm really hoping to cancel my Adobe subscription and migrate to Affinity, but this would be something that might prevent me from doing so.
  3. Hi Sorry for the late reply - was away from my desk for the weekend In answer to your question thomaso - I was using export to PDF (print setting) and it was a test page of filler text and an image. I have tried it again this morning and it now appears to be working! I'll keep you posted if it fails again during my testing of the software. Thanks.
  4. Hi thomaso - and thanks for all who commented. Yes, the 'negative first line indent' was indeed something I used in InDesign and I was trying to duplicate this so that the first bullet wasn't indented. See attached pdf of a page from a magazine I worked on. I can see now that 'Bullet 1' in the text styles does exactly what I asked for - thank you.
  5. Hi thomaso Yes - it can - but not if I want the first bullet point alignment inline with the paragraph above and all lines within the bullet points aligned indented from the bullet point. Does this make sense?
  6. Just trying out the export function - every time I get the export window open and then select 'PDF' the programme crashes. Has happened four times now - twice as soon as I select PDF, and twice when I select 'more' and try to refine options.
  7. Hi. This is my first day of using the beta. I'm looking to close my Adobe CC account and switch over to Affinity - provided the tools can meet my needs as a graphic designer. Looking at the Publisher Beta today and my first niggle is that there is no way of putting a negative value on left indent. When I do bullet points or numbering, I always use negative first line indent with an equal positive left indent so that the whole bullet point is indented. Any way of getting this to work? I'm sure I may find other things - but that's all for my first day. Thanks.