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  1. So, Affinity... can you give us a real answer as to the future of producing a raster trace to vector option within your suite of tools? You've variously forecasted, promised, recognized it was the #1 requested feature since at least November 2017. I don't believe you've actually "promise" we would get it but it seems like, with the links gathered above and the many questions/suggestions that you have to know 1) Will you incorporate it? 2) Will it be robust? 3) Some sense of when? Or do I need to invest in the ridiculously expensive Adobe tools? I know there are some better and worse 3rd party solutions... but they are 3rd party solutions because, well, they aren't the best and even when they work, its usually not a flawless transition to the Affinity suite. Please, please give some clarity... and if the answer is "we have no idea" then could you say so? Nov 17 to now is eons in the IT world. cheers, Jim