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  1. Darius | Ethos Studio

    Pixelated Layer on Export

    Absolutely no luck with the blurriness of the image, and I'm completely out of ideas. Very frustrating!
  2. Darius | Ethos Studio

    Pixelated Layer on Export

    Bizarrely, I just opened the same Designer project on my iPad Pro rather than my desktop and exported from there and the pixelating problem vanishes. I'm still getting a blurred image on the e-mail client though, so I'll take John's suggesion and see how that works out.
  3. Darius | Ethos Studio

    Pixelated Layer on Export

    Thanks for your prompt response. I think the blurriness is down to viewing at a higher zoom level, but the pixelation around the circle is visible regardless of zoom level. If I rasterise the circle in Designer it also pixellates around the edge of the shape even at 100%. I’m designing a signature to use in my e-mail client, and have used the dimensions suggested. So why does the image also appear blurry on my e-mail client, as this is surely displayed at 100%? I have tried using larger dimensions but it just ends up taking up too much space (the size cannot be adjusted in my e-mail client)
  4. I'm trying to export a vector image which is 600x200 pixels at 300DPI. Within the image is a square picture that I've masked within a circle shape, with an exposure and brightness/contrast adjustment. Whenever I export to PNG, JPG or TIFF, not only is the overall image quite blurry, but the circle is very pixellated around the edges. If someone could please advise what I should do I would really appreciate it, as I've been scratching my head over this for much too long! Thanks

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