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  1. Thanks Murfee for confirmation. I set the section names first - just redid the exercise making certain I did so, hitting return each time after typing the name. Did look in publication pages, with no joy.
  2. Just tried this (Expand Field) and still no joy. Definitely does not work on my configuration (MacOS 10.9.5). Anyone else out there with same setup? Many thanks for your time and help.
  3. I inserted the filler text (into the master page main text frames) just this once, not on previous occasions. Did not try to insert field into this text, but into the (master) header frame on RHS. With the frame text tool and text centred, I first typed "centre" then TAB then attempted to insert Section Name. Two curious things happen : first, after hitting TAB, the typed text leaps to the LHS; second, while no Section Name appears, the cursor is displaced (about an em) as though something is there but not displayed. Only want Insert to insert a 'field', with default options.
  4. Fore colour for text set at default black, as seen on typed text. Have attached here a new document contrived in a couple of minutes that exhibits the failure, on my machine at least. Many thanks to you both. Failure.afpub
  5. Thanks for this, but afraid it's definitely a Master Page I'm using for the text frame in which to insert Section Name. Have taken care to add an extra section and to name both. No joy. Have looked on publication pages in both sections but found no trace of any section name applied. Rather suspect it's the ancient (six years old?) Mac OS I'm using (10.9.5), though am hard pushed to believe it's the bluetooth trackpad.
  6. Interesting. Will try this with a new document, but problem originally emerged in a document with many pages, frames and much text. Thanks again.
  7. Yes. Frame Text tool selected, with cursor in text frame and able to type text directly. Can recreate after choosing File/New and then the single Master Page thus renderers. I then choose Frame Text tool and make a new frame at top. View/Studio/Fields then dbl-click on 'Name:' under Document Sections in Fields panel. (Also tried dbl-click on '<Section Name>'). Admittedly, only the default Section 1 exists but have also tried creating two more sections, with three pages each. No difference. Dbl-click on Page Number also fails. Section Name does not appear in menu option Te
  8. Publisher 1.7.1 on MacOS 10.9.5. Apple TrackPad. No joy with new or old document. Follow exact procedure portrayed in Sections Tutorial : dbl-click on Field name in Fields panel. No options shown in Text/Insert/Fields menu other than page, next frame and previous frame number. Must also add that for book production, hierarchical sections are very highly desirable, allowing display of both chapter and section title in header. Rank almost as highly as need for foot/endnotes.
  9. Am a beginner with Aff Publisher and preparing to move a book over from InDesign. Cannot find any replacement for InDesign's ability to compile a book from multiple chapter documents. Therefore no page/chapter numbering continuity. (Please do tell me if I've missed something.) So I move on to attempt creation of suitable master pages… In Document Setup, I choose 'Facing' pages and "Start On Right", and in Spread Setup 45p x 55p6 (DemiOctavo) and margins 4p6, 6p9, i.e. smaller inner than outer. I then setup a "Chapter Body" Master Page with guides to suit. It's when I try to add a
  10. Like all technical writers, I must have a way to include mathematics – your chance to improve on ID! Ideally, this would mean typesetting from LateX source but inclusion of PDF/postscript insertions inline is all I get with ID CS3. Some integration with MathType would be great. Whatever, you need to be very clear right now what kind of support you offer. I have a diminishing list of requirements to move over from ID. This is topmost.
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