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  1. I was looking for this, too. Still, it’s awesome that I can work with Publisher files on the iPad at all, without having to wait for the official iPad app! I wrote all my text in Publisher for Mac, and am now adding diagrams. It’s easier to draw the diagrams on the iPad, so I’ll add them there, and then edit the layout on the Mac. They just overlap the text in the meantime...

  2. 1 hour ago, carl123 said:

    I assume that's System Preference on the Mac?

    I'm still a bit confused about how Mac users don't have "English UK" and "English US" in Affinity

    How do you differentiate between words like color and colour


    No, it’s the Affinity Publisher app preferences. 

  3. I'm using the latest beta build,

    I want to insert the mathematical prime symbol for inches, U+2033 using the shortcut word from Word ("pprime", because I'm used to it). I added it as a replace-text-as-you-type, but it doesn't change the text at all. I also tried just plain text, to replace "cant" with "can't", and that didn't do anything, either. Is there something else I need to enable to get text replacement to work?

    Preferences 2019-06-05 12-13-50.png


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