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  1. For me there was a way to solve this by applying the adjustment "OCIO" to all the placed pictures via the Photo-Persona!
  2. Thanks you very much!
  3. Forgot to mention. I am using Version 1.7 on the second iPad pro 9.7“
  4. Is it just in my app? When I open an existing file or make a new document and pick the brush tool, the contoller setting of the brush tool is allways on „none“. I think that is not very logical... Even when Designer is not capable of storing the last used option, I sugest „automatic“ would be a much nicer default.
  5. Please make Designer remember the contoller setting I last used!
  6. I would like to draw with an completely clean canvas without the user interface. When I tap "Hide user interface" the bottom palette stays. Then I found the tip that I can double tap the "Hide user interface"-Button and everything goes away. But after I draw the first line the bottom palette shows up again! I don’t think it really has to do that!? Thanks for the wonderful software!!

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