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  1. Today Windows started an Update - and now everything works again ! Sorry for the touble - this was a problem obviously caused by Windows!
  2. Affinity_Screenshot.pdfAffinity_Screenshot.pdf Dear Support - I already posted my problems yesterday. After installing the latest version of Affinity publisher yesterday - nothing worked anmore. The other two programms Photo and Designer crashed when started. Then I deinstalled all affinity applications - deleted all affinity files in the app-data directory. Then again back to the new insallation. Everything works but in the moment I type the product key it crashes and the following (please see below) error message appears. What does happen? What is wrong - please help soon since I have to continue working!!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
  3. Can anybody tell me what could be the problem? I recently had made a windows update. Today the Publisher version did not start anymore. Thought it has run out. Installed the newest version - but does not solve the problem! Please help !? Thanks.