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  1. Even though I have 30 layers in Affinity Designer when exporting to Drawplus then importing I end up with one layer. Even in the layers tab, so the complete set of layers is not present.
  2. I need to be able to take an Affinity Designer Vector Image with many layers and convert it to a SWF File. I also, have Serifs Drawplus x6. I can take a single layer by itself and create an SVG export file. I then, open Drawplus X6 and import it. Works fine, but it can not take any multilayered vector it only see one layer. The purpose for this is to take that vector into Crazytalk Animator 2 so it can be resized. If there is a simpler way of doing it I would appreciate your response. Guy
  3. I have created a vector of an arm that has a black line stroke around it, but I want to have just the 2 long parallel sides to have lines not the ends. How do I break the surrounding lines to resolve this issue or is there another option? Guy
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