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  1. (Split by mid from this similar desktop thread) I have bought the affinity photo app on the ipad pro. The brush is very cool and respect the details of my own draw (no auto correct/ smoothing). I thought it would be the same on affinity designer, plus the fact that its vector. I was so happy to see a full vector program on the ipad, but as said before, when i use the vector brush, the stroke looks perfect until i release the pen off the screen, and then: "boom" the auto correct smoothing pen readjust my stroke automatically!! It gets on my nurves! They have to correct it on the next update!! As an example, to compare with another vector app, "adobe draw" ( a minimalistic version of illustrator) totally respects the stroke i draw. Which means that this is possible! I especially bought the app affinity designer because im an handwriting designer who practise lettering. The only tool i really need is the vector brush! And to add a regular eraser would be nice too! I dont see why it has to be a mask that i find on another palette tools! Ipad pro 12.9" second version. Affinty designer App.

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