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  1. Thanks - I'm aware of that option, but just wanted to point out that positioning of an artboard affects its size. This doesn't seem right, but perhaps it's a feature that's working as intended in other people's workflows.
  2. When exported, the dimensions of an artboard should just depend on its width and height, not its position on the canvas. Currently, though, its x/y alignment also affects the default dimensions. Steps to reproduce: 1) Create an artboard at, e.g., 1920x1720px 2) File -> Export: note that the default export dimensions of this artboard are 1920x720px as expected. 3) Duplicate this artboard, and move the copy away to the first one, but *not at an exact pixel position* (e.g., move to: x: 0px, y: 767.7px) 4) File -> Export: note that the default export dimensions of the new artboard are now 1921x720px
  3. Vector export has greatly improved in Affinity Designer over the past few betas, but one issue that still persists is that embedded documents are always rasterised. This happens both for other .afdesign documents, and also for vector file formats (e.g., PDF, SVG) that are dragged and dropped onto other documents. This is particularly frustrating because I reuse a lot of components, and inserting a whole document is the easiest way to do this if any resizing is needed. The only other way to achieve this is copy+paste, but then resizing always ends up causing little problems (e.g., rounded corner sizes, which don't stay the same even when using the outer resize handle).
  4. Thanks - that was quick! So glad I discovered Affinity Designer! :-)
  5. In the attached document there are two identical curves - one filled and one stroked. When exported to a vector format, the stroked curve is converted to hundreds of individual points (rather than being preserved as a curve). See the attached PDF as an example - compare the line to the filled curve when imported back into Affinity Designer. This can be mitigated by expanding the stroke, but it would be much easier in the long run if this didn't have to be done. (It would also save slightly on file size, which is already ridiculously large due to the embedded colour space) stroke-issue.afdesign stroke-issue.pdf