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  1. mutatedjellyfish

    TARGA file please?

    Thank god!
  2. mutatedjellyfish

    TARGA file please?

    Posting here to add my voice to this. Targa export is the one thing preventing me from spending money on y'all. And no, I'm not going to save as PNG (which has poor support for non-transparency-driven alpha channels anyway, which is one of the main issues) and use a 3rd party app to convert because why would I spend money on a program that... doesn't do what I need it to do? +1 to needing Targa export (with alpha channel!) support.
  3. mutatedjellyfish

    TGA export

    Just started my trial of Photo, assuming I was going to switch to it from Photoshop, but I cannot give y'all any money until I can save as tga. It's an absolute deal breaker for anyone working in tech or games. The fact that this thread has been around since 2016 with no word isn't very reassuring.