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  1. SanjuroCetra

    Raster Brushes Fading Out Quickly?

    Honestly, I would tend to agree with you that it may be the Apple Pencil... I’m experiencing similar issues on other media programs with it. I’ll get a new Apple Pencil soon and let you guys know if it fixes it!
  2. SanjuroCetra

    Raster Brushes Fading Out Quickly?

    To clarify, I am still having the same problem.
  3. SanjuroCetra

    Raster Brushes Fading Out Quickly?

    Thank you! I will attach another video showing what is happening from the start of a new document. Sometimes is takes a bit for the problem to start happening so bear with me in the video. It appears that when I was using a natural pencil or mechanical pencil eventually it would fade to nothing and start having the problem I originally mentioned. Before that, you can see that it would have pixelized gaps occasionally as well. I created a new round brush and it appeared to be working normally. E4125014-F908-47F7-8473-D5B466E9531D.MP4
  4. I’ve recently picked up this app by the recommendation of a trusted friend who works for Apple to use on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil Gen 2. When I have been testing out the different features, I’ve found that when I use my Apple Pencil with the paint brush tool on the Pixel Persona, the immediate mark is made for the brush, but then after creating a stroke it fades into nothing. It seems to work fine with my Apple Pencil in Vector Persona, and if I use my finger with the paint brush tool in Pixel Persona, it works fine. I have turned on “show touch” and made a video to further describe my issue. Note: I have also attempted to adjust the pressure selection and size of the brush actively in the video. Thank you in advance! I look forward to being able to use this app to make fabulous art! 63C33983-9E30-4C76-BC2E-9F3B57924A3C.MP4