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    Affinity photo crashing on iPad Air 2019

    Hi. The problem that I stated in the original post still exists. Initially the issue improved, although it was still crashing as layers progressed it wasn’t as frequent. In the last few weeks however, it has been crashing frequently again. My previous base iPad (2018) with 2GB RAM worked very well with this app and it is the main reason I bought a more powerful iPad, to work on affinity quicker and more efficiently with a larger screen and more storage. It will be interesting to see how or whether this is ever resolved. I really hope it does get resolved as this was a big investment for me as a photographer.
  2. I previously had the app on the iPad 9.7 2018 and decided to upgrade to the iPad Air 2019 due to the bigger screen, quicker performance and more storage. However the app keeps crashing and closing down. Sometimes its instantly after uploading a photo within the app and other times its after a considerable amount of editing without edits being saved.

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