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  1. Hello, 2 updates, but still not fixed ? By the way, I've seen your action for 100 orders, It's nice, but I think it's important to keep money for improving the software. keep going on, keep doing a good job ! Best regards
  2. When I use layers -> merge selection, the layer on top is marge as if it was under ... (ctrl + Maj + E).
  3. Serif, thanks a lot for your work. 2 things I dindn't find how to do, and I'd like to : - Overlay preview (yes it' can't be exactly the truth, but when I put a yellow bloc on a red bloc, if the yellow one is on "overlay" mode, I have orange when I print, not yellow. - Set and adjust "défonce" for text and objects. Sorry, I don't know the word in english, but have a look here, you will understand : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Défonce (if someone could tell...). This is the possibility to get overlay on the edge only, just to be sure to get no lack and not to get overlay inside.
  4. I'd like be able to see color separation on screen. Thanks, and great job !
  5. Yes a mail merge ability is needed ! More and more personalized documents are made, for a pdf to read on screen, or because of digital printing. Thanks PS . Great job !
  6. I wish to add a margin (white or transparent, ...) at the bottom or all around my photos. When I do a batch process, not all my photos are the same size. I must be able to say to add a margin of 20 px (for example) on all the lot and that the software adapts.
  7. Hello, When I record a macro I can't use a %. In the macro, the result in pixels is recorded, not the %. It's a big isue. Please, add the % unit for resize canvas Thanks for your very good work.
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