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  1. Thank you so much @carl123! I'm using the latest Beta and this trick persists after restarts too.
  2. @Ron P., although the space it takes isn't huge, I find it distracting due to the staggered bold and normal text styles. I'd always welcome additional vertical space. Also, every time you change a tool, the hint text changes too. Here's a screenshot of Clip Studio Paint. No hint text status bar, no scroll bars. Just the canvas that you focus on.
  3. @GabrielM, I can confirm that the bug is fixed in the latest Windows Beta ( It occurred in the latest stable version ( and an earlier 1.7 Beta I used. Feel free to mark it as fixed. Thanks!
  4. Yep, most of what I wrote should fall into the feature request category, that's why I wrote "It'd be great if there's an option to hide the scroll bars entirely." I filed it as a bug because the scroll bars hide on mac if the canvas is smaller than the window. I hope it behaves the same on Windows. Screenshot from https://youtu.be/J9fz4Pn_GSM?t=331
  5. @GabrielM, Thanks! I tried the beta version and I can confirm that the bug is fixed! I wasn't click-dragging though. It's pen down, pen up, and pen move. The bug didn't reproduce on the mouse because mouse up is instant, whereas there is a threshold for the wacom pen. By the time the distance between the tablet and the pen reaches that threshold, pen up is triggered. If at that time the cursor is outside of the panel, the bug occurs, otherwise it doesn't. I picked the brush the same way in Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint and the bug never occurred. I'm glad it's fixed in Beta. And th
  6. @Ron P., yep I used these standard brushes to showcase the bug, and to confirm that the issue wasn't the custom brushes I used. The updated brush width of 1, 2, 4, 8 was to showcase that the brush is selected. Thanks for chiming in!
  7. Thanks Ron. I tested with the mouse and it worked. The bug only repros on my wacom tablet. Here's a screencast where I was testing the basic brushes. See that the brush width didn't change when I moved the cursor out of the panel quickly. bug.mp4 bug.mp4
  8. The hint text is only useful to new users. It's a waste of space and distraction to the rest of the users. It'd be great if there's an option to hide it.
  9. There's no way to hide the scroll bars. They don't even hide when the canvas size is smaller than the window. I never click on a scroll bar to move around. The space bar is way more efficient. It'd be great if there's an option to hide the scroll bars entirely.
  10. If I pick a different brush and move the cursor from the brush panel to the canvas quickly, the new brush won't be picked. It's quite annoying that I have to select and wait before I can paint with the new brush.
  11. When the brush tool is selected and the cursor is on the canvas, flipping the canvas horizontally causes a visual glitch. If the cursor is on a panel, it's fine.
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