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  1. Exporting to PSD, a checkbox in the extended export options is "Compatibility Mode." Compatibility with what, and are there tradeoffs to be aware of aside from compatibility with... whatever. Did look in the help file and did not find any guidance there. Cheers
  2. I've been at this stuff for a long time but only sporadically, so for all intents and purposes I'm a beginner. I'll give you a method that will get you started and perhaps more knowledgeable users will jump in with a better idea. AFAIK there's no way to format a text box to define fill, stroke etc. It's just a container for text. Off the top of my head the only way to achieve what you're after (formatted text on a formatted rectangle) is: 1. Draw and format your rectangle as before. 2. Select the text tool, click on the artboard and drag out a rectangle roughly the same siz
  3. Apologies to all respondents that I am so new to the forum I didn't realize I had to enable notifications and have only now noticed your post. Thanks sincerely for your reply, but I'm not sure how to interpret it. Is the upshot that the behaviour I've described in Adobe products is impossible, or are you simply confirming that it is not currently possible in Affinity products?
  4. Sorry I'm just noticing this now. I failed to enable notifications on this thread. (Noob.) This is very useful, thanks much. After trying it out for a few minutes, I realize what I miss the most is the ability to quickly zoom and pan (i.e. change the view) without selecting the move tool and then having to double-click into text editing again. At the moment I'm editing 5.8 pt lyrics for a CD insert and having to zoom in frequently to see what I'm doing at the character level and then zoom out to see how the column breaks are working out.
  5. I came to the forum today looking for a way to replace a certain keyboard shortcut functionality I'm used to in Adobe products. Specific examples of operation given below are from InDesign; from what I recall Illustrator is pretty similar and Photoshop is a little different. I only found one post here that was even in the ballpark, so... Scenario: you're editing text. Obviously you can't use "V" to select the Move tool; that will just insert a "v". OTOH selecting the Move tool with the cursor is a pain if you just want to do a quick move and get back to editing text right where you were.
  6. Really appreciate the effort. This is definitely in the right vein. Trying this on a simple object and some associated text, I was able to select objects with node tool+shift, and to select specifically the end points of the lines I wanted to be included in the move, but I was unable use the same individual node selection method on any part of my little graphic and text object. The object(s) would show as selected but I was unable to interact with single nodes. If I tried to select the node it would simply deselect the entire object. Sooo no matter what I do, only the line end points move
  7. My use of Illustrator over the years has been primarily for technical drawings - block diagrams, schematics and similar drawings wherein objects are connected by simple rectilinear lines. There's specific software for such purposes, designed to understand and maintain connections between objects as they're moved about, but it's typically highly specialized and expensive. A method I use so frequently that I take it for granted is to marquee-select a group of nodes in order to rearrange relative locations of objects while maintaining the "connections" symbolized by the lines between them. S
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