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  1. after further tests, i turned off constraints in preferences and problem went away - but with constraints off my boxes are now not constrained - at least when I group my objects the entire group doesn’t vanish from the screen - many problems seem to link to the constraints option in preferences...
  2. excessive zooming required, more than fill, then I grab and zoom only to lose object selection - sometimes finger works better than pen.
  3. It’s a standard line segment Line stroke : .058 in wide; 9in long When zoomed out enough to fit about ten 9 inch tiles on screen - individual tile line segments can be selected but not moved as there appears to be “slippage” as line deselects rather than moves; must zoom in to fill ipad screen with one 9inch tile before i can select and drag line segment, but even then i get the same “slippage” problem
  4. Once line drawn with pen/line mode, I switch to move tool and grab line to move it about but can’t unless I zoom in very closely to line and even then line drags after several attempts. Can someone repeat this pretty serious problem?
  5. SandMagic

    Magnifying popup rendering freezes

    I have the same problem when selecting/edited nodes or curves using single finger pressure. After I researched ios bugs I discovered the affinity problem may be related to an ios glitch : A round magnifying glass appears when highlighting text on single finger long press on documents e.g. pdf text etc., a different magnifier from the main magnifier you can turn on or off in the accessibility settings. This highlighter loupe is in the ios code. Regarding affinity: Somehow ios mistakens single finger long press node editing or multiple curve selection with text selection and pops up their round text highlighter. Therefore affinity would need to suppress ios code which controls touch hold text highlighter feature. Please search for disable ios text highlighter on stack overflow for further info. On this problem. I’m not a programmer so forgive improper use of terminology, i hope i’ve been clear enough. I believe this will clear this very annoying problem.