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  1. A friend of mine over the weekend told me about Affinity Photo and he purchased it for his windows computer. I am a Mac uses and when I found out it is also a Mac-enabled program I was thrilled. I have LR4 on an older MBP but it is no longer supported nor updated by adobe, and I don't want to "rent" for ever. I am a property owner! I rented when I was in school 40 years ago! I am an aspiring amateur and just was about to pull the trigger and order Affinity Photo until I looked at the RAW support list. All of my cameras are included except my most recent purchase--Sony A6400. Will that be supported or does it for now use one of the older A6xxx RAW templates (if that is what it is called). If not, will Sony A6400 RAW be supported in the near future and the list updated accordingly? In the meantime I plan to familiarize myself by watching some of the video instructions and watching my friend do some hands-on. So far, I like what I have seen.
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