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  1. It's one of the way to dodge and burn. You create a Dodge layer with Curve by increasing the exposure and with brush you create lines on the places where you want to Dodge like Nose, Cheeks, Forehead. But the lines will be clearly visible. Then in Photoshop, you will go to >Windows>Properties and then increase the feather, it will blend into the image and you wont notice the white lines anymore. I can get the similar effect in Affinity Photo using Gaussian Blur, is there any other option like in Photoshop ?
  2. Hello All, I recently started using Affinity photo. As there are so many tutorials on Dodge and Burn for Photoshop, so i wanted to replicate the same in Affinity Photo. When you do Dodge and Burn in Photoshop, then you can change the Feather option by going >Windows>Properties>Feather. It's a shortcut for doing Dodge and Burn. Can someone please tell me if we can do the same in affinity Photo, i couldn't find the Properties option for my layer. I can get almost same result with Gaussian Blur. But i am curious if there is any Properties option hidden Apologies if this question is very basic, i haven't completed more than 1 hour using Affinity photo in total till now (I bought last year though )