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  1. Let it recycle “anew” when they update macOS 1,6.7. I just purchased Affinity Photo, via Apple Store, full price. How do I determine if Bonus Packs are available for download? Cheers.
  2. Sorry to jump on this thread. When I open a jpg pixel image and add a Fill Layer the color/fill layer is added above the jpeg image. However, when I click on the Gradient Tool with Fill Layer selected, when I click to add gradient nothing happens, with the exception the original layer is now selected and in the context menu, the gradient color has a red danglier slash in the box. Thanks formany suggestions
  3. I select brushes. I do not have the menu tools for width, Opacity, Flow, Hardness, etc and this applies to other tools I may select. It is something simple i’m sure, I just cannot get them to appear. I did, macOS Congolese start, that did not restore. I have the Apple Store version. Thank you....
  4. I search forum for answer and I do know how to check for update in the Affinity Photo app. My question is: What is the latest Affinity Photo for macOS Mojave 10.4.4. I am reviewing YouTube tutorials, InAfffinit, and my Effects options are completely different and do not have the same capabilities. Many thanks for information.
  5. Thanks for all the above replies. First Mac for me, transitioned from Windows. A challenged for a 71 year old, lol. Thank you.
  6. I have iMac I9, 2019 and downloaded the web link version of Affinity Photo. My question: why did it add a Disk Icon on my Desk Top (can it be deleted] and how to add Affinity Icon to Dock. I click on the application icon, no option to add to Dock. Many think to replies...