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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately, this will not work for me as it will cost more time than the rest of the program saves me.
  2. Does anyone know if there are any plans to add this feature before full release? Or at all? If not, I need to begin my search for another product.
  3. So I'd have to create a global color swatch and then adjust that swatch manually when I need to change colors for an export, is that correct?
  4. Hi all. Long time InDesign user looking to switch to Affinity Publisher if possible. I have a pack of printables that needs to be exported in nine different colors. Due to the ongoing nature of this project and the fact that it's constantly being expanded and modified, I would like to keep all of the work in one file and just run a Find and Replace on the colors as I can in InDesign. Does this feature exist yet and if so, where? Thanks in advance.

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