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  1. I reinstalled the program, and the problem still exists.
  2. HI!yes,You're right. I tried to create a new blank file。 The result is the same!
  3. Hello, everyone. First of all, thank you for your kind help. I come from China. We call this phenomenon "flower screen" here. If the graphics card is broken, there will be this phenomenon. So I think AF display picture has problems. I have tried all kinds of image formats, which is useless.
  4. The original picture opens like this
  5. It's mosaic effect to open an image in AF, trying to do all the pictures like this. Is it mine and the graphics card is broken?
  6. There is no such thing as dragging pictures into other software and opening them. But this happens when AF is turned on. How about trying to change other pictures? Why?

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