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  1. From this topic...: I found the error when you create a new document. It is because I chose another folder for installation ( E:\Programas\EdiciĆ³n\Imagen\Serif\Serif Affinity Publisher ). The error is the "Acento" of the "EdiciĆ³n". If you install the program in a folder without "Acento", it works perfectly. It's just that, but it's a problem to keep order on my computer. Take this in consideration.
  2. Version The folder...: CrashReports.zip
  3. The same happen in the Betas of Designer, and Photo. when you try to create a new document the program close himself. The same when save the document. You can import files, use the program and save (the file save well, and no corrupt, but after the program crash, and close.). The 1.6 versions do not have those problems. Windows 10 x64 - Last version, in a Clean Installation. AMD Phenom 2x2 + 8 GB RAM + SSD