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  1. I have Windows 10, latest version. ASUS GV75VW, i7 Intel, USB 3, 16 Gigs of RAM, a Terabyte of HDD on the Laptop, store all files on 16 Terabytes external HDD USB 3, only the Apps reside on the Laptop. * Replace: Replace Colour. * Buggy perhaps is the wrong term. I am currently cataloging my CDs and Vinyl collection on Discogs.com while ripping them and creating an Excel spreadsheet of the inventory. During this process, I am also photographing the Booklets, Covers, Media to upload to the site. The site not only provides a cataloging feature but also a market, internationally. I load the photo series for a given CD I've just shot into Affinity, as I did in Photoshop. Work on and title each picture, move on to the next in the series. Affinity's Perspective adjustment on a few occasions since the trial began a few days ago, just stops working. Highlights the border of the picture, no grid though one is selected and did appear on the previous file. The only way around it is by exporting, closing and reopening. What drew me to Affinity was an article where it was reported, by someone representing the company, states, it's better! Not that I believe everything I read, but that's quite a claim considering the price and size of the download. Photoshop is now 2 GB installed. I'm not a professional user and most of Photoshop is unused. Though I'm hellbent on learning Perhaps what I am looking for is the obvious. Things commonly found in other software (I use Photoshop as an example, because that's what I have) that could or should be found in Affinity. I keep hearing about version 2. Is it around the corner? As mentioned on another post, here, I am looking to switch as the cost, based on currency exchange, is getting too high; though the package of PS and LR with free updates including major ...... Anyway, I would be a little miffed if I buy and a couple months later a new and improved version arrives with no recourse. I've gone through that with a couple of software packages: JRiver Media Center, new buy in for every minor change called a 'version' every 10 to 12 months. NIK Collection $400, maybe it was $499. Google bought out, sets the sell for $149. a couple months later. (Google kindly refunded the difference, then a couple of months later after that, set it for 'free'). The new owners, DxO, are charging $60 Cdn for the NIK plugins, which work nicely with Affinity, by the way. DxO offers an alternative to Photoshop for $130 Euros, I think, free trial. It's sort of a Lightroom/Photoshop. Shutterbug (2015) Well, Affinity Photo from Serif Labs is here to address the naysayers among us. First of all, it’s available at a one-time price, and a very inviting one at that: for $49.99, you get not only the software, but also all future updates and releases. DP Review (2015) Serif has launched Affinity Photo software, an alternative to Adobe Photoshop for Mac users. The company touches on a couple different notable selling points: its software is considerably cheaper than Photoshop, but no less robust, and comes with the added benefit of silky-smooth operation, at least according to its maker. Additionally, because it is newly created for the latest hardware, Serif says Affinity Photo offers performance that Photoshop struggles to match. Affinity Photo is currently in beta, and can be acquired for free by signing up on Serif's website. Once the software exits beta, it'll be offered on the Mac App Store with two years of free upgrades for $50. Windows users may also be able to use the software at some point, with Serif expressing interest in bringing it to the platform. No information on when that might happen has been provided, however. CB Creative Blog (1 month ago) Fully compatible with Photoshop and other file formats, Affinity Photo is aimed squarely at professional photographers and designers, and although it is hugely cheaper than Photoshop (with no subscription), its creators argue it's actually better. We think it's perhaps the most serious Photoshop alternative we've seen to date. Good Review: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/software-review-affinity-photo-1-5-2 I would have to agree, the bulk of Photoshop has made it a sloth loading. Operations like resizing get the spinning wheel. The Crop Tool is not as nice to work with. I already see a difference in speed in loading and performing various tasks.
  2. Good Evening, I'm on the trial version at the moment; comparing Photoshop 2019 (subscription). I haven't found a 'replace' function in th Affinity version. Just not looking in the correct area? Wondering about the possibility of increase the font size in the User Interface. Is it adjustable? Noticed I have to reselect measurement settings in Resizing Document with each image: pixel, inches... It's crashed once so far. Perhaps, I have to many things open. Perspective Warp seems buggy. Works on a couple of images then doesn't. Have to export and reopen to make the adjustment. I'm wondering if it is after a specific sequence of operations that causes the glitch. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. Some are one time. Others are by version. JRiver Media Center is by version, which they change every 10 months and the changes are minor. They stop all work or updates for the previous version but offer a 'special price' for the upgrade. AVS is one time, Bought it 10 years ago. NIK Collection (plugins for Photoshop) was one time but they changed hands twice. Charged $400 US or so initially. Three months later they sold to Google. Google charged $149 US and were kind enough to refund the difference. Months in, they gave it away for free. Now owned by DxO and they charge $60 US to upgrade, minor changes. DxO also has a free 30 day trial but their Photolab software, $130 Euros. Have you used Photoshop? Anything you miss? I have Design & Web Premium CS6 (dated but usable) and subscribe to the Photographer's package (Photoshop & Lightroom) originally for $10 US A month but with the Canadian Dollar in the tank, it is pushing $15 Cdn now. I've loaded my NIK Collection plugins yesterday into the Affinity trial.
  4. So this is a one time fee including updates per platform?

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