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  1. Hello, I'm currently working on a magazine layout for a non-profit association. Unfortunately the person charged to page up every issue, for reason unknown to mankind, is still using Xpress (2018) and refusing to switch. So I was wandering if there is a way to port the initial layout form Publisher to Quark Xpress. Please tell me that's possible: I really, really, really don't want to waste my time fighting a software designed decades ago and never really updated in usability.
  2. NightSky

    Drop cap

    You just made my day ;) Thx
  3. NightSky

    Drop cap

    Please, please, pretty please: we really need to be able to specify the number of characters that has to be used as drop caps.
  4. Wow guys, I cannot leave you alone for one day and you already answred. Thank you, what a great community! @GarryP Thank you for the GIF. In fact i think the "thick underline" was a workaround for InDesign. Will try what @NigelH sudgests. Please let me know if any other idea comes up on this. There's maybe some room for new funcitonality?
  5. I'm trying to migrate a InDesign project to Publisher and I'm currently stuck with this issue: I want to have a word (or more) with a dark background around it. In InDesign it is done with a ultra large bottom line. In Publisher I found the text background option that almost works. Almost... because it seems not to be a way to vcenter the word onto the background: the bottom part is noticably higher than the top part. Any idea? Is there a feature? Will it ever be one? I attach two examples. The first one is how it appears on InDesign, the second one is how i managed to replicate it on Publisher. Thank you

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