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    jacobhalton reacted to Dams in Affinity Designer - Scrolling Grids?   
    This should never have passed QA or even be advertised on your website as a feature. It just plain doesn't work.
    Every *single time* I try to use Affinity for anything, my workflow is plagued by bugs or bad usability like the move by whole pixel stuff craziness. Every *single time* after launching Affinity Designer, I end up wasting my time reporting bugs or finding it's a known issue which patch will be release at no given date.
    I am a beta user since your first public version and I must say that Affinity continues to disappoint years after years. When I see the issue we have at work with just licensing your software and those bugs, I really start to wonder if there is any leadership or product manager at Affinity. You do realize that most people don't care about adding new features if the basics are not working?
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    jacobhalton got a reaction from CLC in Bleed Hidden   
    Is there a way to see the area that'll be in the bleed of an artboard? All I can seem to find is the "Show Bleed" option, which gives you the bleed lines, but it still hides objects that are outside of the artboard area.
    I assume there must be a way and I'm just missing it, as seeing what's within the bleed is super important for printing.
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    jacobhalton got a reaction from Jowday in Brush Lag (Pixel + Vector)   
    When I start working on a file, everything is fine, but after adding a bunch of vector shapes, on multiple artboards, everything really slows down.
    I thought it might be because I have other graphics programs open, but even after closing them I'm still getting some lag, especially when using pixel brushes. The main causes I've noticed are:
    1. Using the vector pencil tool within a boolean compound shape, to add more shapes to it
    2. Drawing with the pixel brush, more lag when drawing within a clipped pixel layer inside a vector layer
    (You can see in this video there's a little bit of lag at first, but then it gets more and more delayed the more lines I draw)
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